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  • Oliver Lerstøl Hebnes 1 year ago


    Will the International Workshop on Computer-Aided Discovery be available afterward? I am very interested to watch it, but the schedule is unfortunate concerning my time zone. 


    Best regards,


  • Materials Square 1 year ago

    Hello. Thank you for waiting.


    The recorded workshop video will provided for only registered user.


    Registered user can check the uploaded video within a few days. 


    Thank you.

  • Muhammad sohaib 4 months ago
  • Abdiel 3 months ago


  • Charles John 1 month ago

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  • NathanaelKasen 1 month ago

    It was definitely an learning expereince to watch these workshops. I even waited for them to be posted on 123 movies but they didn’t. anyways I did get my hand on these videos and they were great.

  • Yangtulo 1 week ago

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